Resource Management Plugin by Easy Redmine

Resource Management Plugin by Easy Redmine
June 28, 2016 Luis Blasco
Redmine Resource Management Plugin

Resource Management Plugin by Easy Redmine fosters an important aspect in project management with Redmine: resource and workload management. Note: it is a standard Redmine compatible plugin.

When activating the plugin in a project, a new tab for Resource Management will be shown on the project’s menu. From there we will be able to visually control on which tasks is a member working and his/her current workload.  Thus, we will see overloads and bottlenecks and we will be able to edit the tasks by “drag & drop” in order to reassign them, change estimated time, duration, end date, etc.

Which are the main features of  Easy Redmine Resource Management?

  • Graphically visualize workloads of all project members.
  • Manage workloads by “drag & drop”.
  • Edit task details (estimated time, dates, duration, assignee) directly from the resource management panel.
  • Day, week and month view.
  • Competence management.

Here you can buy this plugin that will substantially improve the way you can manage your resources in Redmine.

You can also access a trial version of all Easy Redmine plugins here.



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