RedmineCRM plugins update to Redmine 3.0

RedmineCRM plugins update to Redmine 3.0
July 30, 2015 Luis Blasco

Recently new updates of the RedmineCRM plugins have been published, to compy with Redmine 3.0 version.

On february 19th this year a major upgrade of Redmine, version 3.0 was released. Many developers of the Redmine community automatically had to get down to work to update their plugins, as this significant upgrade to the “core” of Redmine left their software useless.

Thus in recent weeks RedmineCRM also published new versions of their plugins to be compatible with the new Redmine 3.0 version.

The updated plugins are:

  • Agile plugin: manage your tasks by means of Agile / Scrum / Kanban boards.
  • CRM plugin: convert your Redmine installation into a CRM system; link tasks with contacts.
  • Helpdesk plugin: transform your Redmine into a helpdesk system, with automated responses to your customers.
  • Invoices plugin: invoice your tasks directly from your Redmine.
  • Products plugin: manage your products catalog and orders and link them to your tasks.
  • Finance plugin: manage your income/expenses and relate them with your invoices.
  • Checklist plugin: create checklists for Redmine tasks.

I take this opportunity to remind that there are very interesting RedmineCRM plugins’ packs. They include very complementary plugins and their joint purchase represents significant savings:

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