Mindmaps (WBS) Plugin by Easy Redmine

Mindmaps (WBS) Plugin by Easy Redmine
June 29, 2016 Luis Blasco

Mindmaps (also known as WBS-Work Breakdown Structure) plugin by Easy Redmine is great news for all project managers that like to set up and manage projects in a more intuitive and visual way, like in a mindmap.

This plugin is fully Redmine 3.x compatible, so you can use it even in case you don’t use the Easy Redmine customized version. [If you don’t know what Easy Redmine is, please take a tour here].

What are Mindmap plugin main features?

Video about project’s set up with Mindmap plugin

Video about visualizing and managing projects with Mindmap plugin


With this plugin you will be able to:

  • visualize projects, tasks and subtasks as a mindmap.
  • “Drag & drop” sorting of tasks and projects.
  • create tasks directly on the mindmap.
  • “Step back” button
  • Zoom in & zoom out
  • keyboard shotcuts for a faster user experience

There are two versions of Mindmap – WBS plugin by Easy Redmine:

FEATURES FREE Easy Mindmap – WBS PRO Easy Mindmap – WBS
Mindmap visualization YES  YES 
Mindmap editing YES  YES 
“Step back” button YES  YES 
Zoom in/out YES  YES 
“Drag & drop” sorting YES  YES 
Trackers by colours YES  YES
Autosave  NO  YES 
Priority, % done, status by colours  NO  YES 
Milestones by colours NO  YES 
PDF print  NO  YES 
Free  299 € 
Download BUY



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