Easy Redmine Gantt Plugin

Easy Redmine Gantt Plugin
June 20, 2016 Luis Blasco

Easy Redmine Gantt plugin is a new tool available not only for Easy Redmine users but also for “standard” Redmine users, that significantly boosts gantt in your installation. This plugin is Redmine 3.x compatible, so you can use it although you don’t use the Easy Redmine customized version.

Many project managers like to manage their projects by the Gantt Chart. However Gantt Chart is not the most useful feature in standard Redmine. Easy Redmine Gantt enhances this feature making project planning and task management a very user-friendly experience.

What are Easy Redmine Gantt main features?

  • Edit tasks directly from the Gantt
  • Move tasks dates by drag & dropping the task bar
  • Better project zoom in/out
  • Step Back button
  • Enhanced filters

There are two versions of Easy Redmine Gantt plugin:

Update tasks & milestones by Drag & Drop YES YES 
Step Back Action YES  YES
Timeline Zooming (days, weeks, months) YES  YES
Filter & sorting options YES  YES
Critical path NO  YES 
 Gantt for all projects in the same view NO  YES 
 Support for parent-child tasks  NO  YES 
 Ads embedded  YES NO
Free  299 € 
Download  ADD TO CART



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