Agile Plugin by RedmineCRM

Agile plugin by RedmineCRM allows you to use Agile techniques to manage your projects with Redmine: faster, more efficient and intuitive.


  • Agile boards: manage tasks like “post-its”.
  • Version planner.
  • Agile charts (“burndown”, velocity, cumulative flow).
  • Colours to easily visualize all cards.
  • “Swim-lanes”: cards grouping


  • Redmine: 2.1 a 3.x
  • Ruby: 1.8.7, 1.9.3, 2.3.
  • Database: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • O.S.: Linux, OS X, Windows
  • Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox



Agile Boards

This plugin converts the typical Redmine task list in a fully dynamic board that lets you manage and track tasks as cards, more quickly and by “drag & drop”.

The board is independent of the methodology used for project management (Kanban, Scrum, etc.). Agile boards met, of course, with the assigned workflow and not allow to pass the task to a state that was not contemplated in them.

Rich Boards

We can enrich the boards view with images and colours (to differentiate between priority or tracker, for instance).

Thus, task management is more visual and user-friendly and you can better know wich tasks to manage first. You also have a contextual menu on each card, to be able to manage the tasks without entering it.

Agile Charts

With the help of several charts you will be able to visually control the current and estimated project status and resource capacities. For example, you will be able to estimate the probability of achieving the objectives of a “sprint” by means of the  “Burndown” and “Burnup” charts, since you will be able to control the quantity of work to do in this sprint.

This chart also shows the ideal effort distribution needed to succesfully finish a certain sprint.

Version planner

Redmine versions allow you to group tasks with a common objective. Agile plugin’s version planner makes it possible to easily view which tasks belong to a certain sprint and reassign them between sprints and backlog.


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